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Custom Printed Tote Bags

Santa Fe Tote Bag
The functionality of imprinted tote bags quickly increase brand awareness to thousands of people at low cost. They can also bring greater awareness of social issues when featuring eye-catching imprints that bring attention to the cause. Regardless of the purpose of a custom printed bag, it’s important to know that promotional bags are in the top 5 advertising product categories for the following reasons:

Function: Tote bags of any size provide a convenient way to carry things.

Form: Custom tote bags come in thousands of materials, shapes, sizes, and color combinations.

Return on Investment: Most people who receive tote bags keep them longer than other promotional products.*

Brand Exposure: Tote bags are used 5.8 times on average per month by each user, and seen by hundreds of people each time they are carried.*

Source: ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) - Impressions Study 2010

To achieve promotional advertising goals, promotional tote bags should be functional in size & durability, but also attractive so they are carried everywhere by the recipients without any hesitation or embarrassment due to a bag lacking style. Whether a reusable shopping bag given with each purchase by a retailer, to duffel bags issued to an athletic team, to brand name designer totes with fabric handles and studded embellishments, the bag is one of the most versatile promotional products on the market. Promotional bags can promote an event, building brand awareness, accessorize a retail store, or thank customers for their loyalty to a company. Any way they are used, and with any bag style designed, the options for creating the perfect promotional tote bag are truly endless.

Custom bag design requires considering the best material for the bags’ primary function, as well as the decoration needed. The base material of the bag can be selected for the type of imprint method, the environmental impact of production, fashion marketability, or simply for the function of size and durability. From powerful feminine styles with blazing metallic fabrics to earthy hemp fabric printed with soy-based inks, the options for custom tote bags are limitless. To discover the best design for a new bag design, consider the following materials and sample tote bag pictures for reference:

Non-Woven Tote Bags

Big Thunder Tote Bag
The most widely used href="non-woven-bags.html">tote bag on the market, the non-woven bag comes in a wide spectrum of colors, fabric weights (thickness), and imprint methods. This versatile tote bag option can be screen printed with a single color logo and text, or digitally printed with a full color design stretching from seam to seam for maximum impact. Several full-color bags allow custom imprint to cover not only the wider side panels where imprint is typically seen, but the gusset panels and bottom panel as well! Think of these as a 3-dimensional billboard to create full-branding impact that can‘t be easily forgotten.

Non-woven bags are made of polypropylene plastics that create continuous material. The material is then cut into the separate panels of the bag to be sewn together. Higher density non-woven bags can hold more weight than lower density bags, which is noted by the GSM number (Grams per Square Meter). While the higher GSM affects the price of a non-woven tote bag, the price variable is minimal, and the quality of the promotional bag should be considered the more important factor when deciding on which custom non-woven bag to purchase for a promotion. The longer the bag lasts, the more value it has in promoting a brand, product, business, or a cause to the hundreds of people who will see it each time it is used.

Find Your Style: Custom Promotional Non-Woven Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bag
Seen as a more traditional tote bag, cotton totes come in a variety of fabric weights, starting at 5 oz. - a very light, almost transparent cotton fabric - up to heavy 24 oz. marine-quality canvas. The imprint methods range from embroidery for a lustrous appeal to soft-ink imprints that keep the fabric feeling cozy to the touch, and allow the tote to be washed in cold water without damaging the imprint. Of course screen printing is also available for tote bags, and even combinations of screen printing and embroidery can help achieve a truly designer-quality bag.

Besides imprint methods to decorate a cotton tote bag, handle options can also jazz up the appearance of the bags. Some cotton totes have matching fabric handles, while others provide a contrast cotton handle of your color choice. This allows the handles to coordinate with the imprint selected for the tote bags. Other cotton tote bag options come with twisted jute handles, rope handles, or webbed polyester handles for durability and a sporty look.

Find Your Style: Custom Promotional Cotton Tote Bags

Jute Tote Bags

Jute Tote Bags
One of the most earth-friendly bags available, jute totes are made from fast-growing fibers of the jute plant, making it a renewable bag with environmental sense. Much like bamboo, jute is a fast-growing plant with strong fibers that can be used to create textiles without the use of petroleum products. Also, when comparing jute to cotton, the amount of land required for the same volume of fibers is less for jute. On top of those advantages, jute bags are also biodegradable, keeping the life cycle of growth and decomposition closed and sustainable.

Another quality of jute tote bags are their rugged, natural texture. This earthy quality can be enhanced using soft inks based of soy to permeate the texture of the bags, but still reveal the open texture of the jute fabric’s weave. Also the handles can be made of twisted jute, steam-bent bamboo, or even a contrast color-dyed jute. Out of all the custom promotional bags available, jute totes make an earth-friendly promotional bag with rugged style.

Find Your Style: Custom Promotional Jute Tote Bags