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Custom Lanyards & ID Name Badge Holders

Trade shows, educational seminars, and many other types of conventions would be less valuable marketing tools if ID name badges and promotional lanyards weren’t available. Fortunately they are available in a variety of colors & styles to brand any organization’s presence with style & more importantly in this case, the function of identity. Anywhere there’s going to be a crowd, the custom lanyard & identification badge help people spot members of your organization quickly. The other important function printed lanyards & badges provide is reinforcing your brand when your organization’s representatives are conversing with people at the seminar or convention.

Choosing a Custom Printed Lanyard

Custom Printed Lanyard
Sizes, badge holder attachments, colors, & materials are a few of the variables among the wide selection of custom lanyards & the printed badges they are designed to hold. Starting with the size, some lanyards offer a generous imprint area of a full 1 inch width, while other lanyards are simply a narrow rope cord without any room for imprint. Other lanyards are retractable badge holders with an imprint area on the case that clips to the person’s clothing. For the purpose of branding and corporate identity, it’s best to choose a lanyard with enough width for custom imprinted logo or text.

While a 1 inch wide lanyard may seem larger than necessary, it allows for a small logo or large block text to easily be seen from even 10 or 12 feet away. This can introduce your brand or organization even to those who pass by your tradeshow booth without stopping. The exposure value a 1” lanyard provides to those prospects who are not ready to explore what your organization has to offer can build subconscious recognition of your organization for future business.

If custom printed lanyards are not needed for promotion, then standard nylon cord lanyards without imprint may be a better option. Break-away lanyard cords can be worn around the neck or wrist are used where brand identification is not necessary, such as security passes for schools, internal office pass systems, or transit agency passes. The badge itself should carry a form of verifying identification, such as a photo of the user, a scanner badge, or other device that identifies the person wearing the badge for access to a building or secure areas of a building.

Lanyard Attachments for ID Badge Holders

Once the type of lanyard is chosen, attachments for the badge holders are available as swivel hooks, D-rings, bull-dog clips, or buckle clips. In the case of retractable lanyards, the attachments for a badge are built into the models for convenience. Specialty lanyards, such as lanyards meant to hold wine glasses, provide a convenient cradle for the wine glass to rest safely while the user wears the lanyard around their neck. This option provides a free hand for wine-tasting promotions or other events where wine will be served. Explore the lanyard attachment options below to see which one is best suited for your purposes:

Lanyard with Ring

D-Ring Attachment Lanyard
Retractable Square Badge Holder

Retractable Badge Lanyard
Lanyard with Clip

Swivel Clip / Bulldog Clip Lanyard
Wine Glass Necklace

Wine Glass Holder Lanyard

ID Badges & Badge Holders

Name Badge Holder
The two basic options are to order custom printed badges made of plastic, metal, or heavy cardstock paper, or to use handwritten standard paper badges inserted inside badge holders
The advantage of a custom printed plastic badge or metal badge is the constant professional appearance they provide, even when used daily. Custom plastic or metal badges are the perfect identification solution for traveling sales representatives, recurring tradeshows, conventions, seminars, or daily security use for staff.

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Custom Plastic ID Badges

Custom Plastic Name Badge
Plastic badges may be printed on one or both sides in full-color imprint, allowing a photo and identification information for a list of people to be included with the imprint. A logo can be included as part of the standard imprint template to preserve corporate identity on each person’s badge. Back side imprint can include a barcode or other information that may not fit conveniently on the front side imprint area.

Most plastic badge options come standard with a strap slot to allow the badge to attach directly to a lanyard with a bulldog clip. Some plastic badges do not feature this slot, which means the badge should be carried in a clear vinyl badge holder attached to the lanyard instead. Depending on how personnel will verify their identity in an organization, such as using a swipe system next to entrances, or simply flashing the badge to security personnel, it is important to choose the identification badge that works best for your organization’s needs.

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Custom Metal ID Badges

Custom Metal Badges
One of the advantages of metal ID badges is that most of them do not require a lanyard to wear. Instead they are worn with magnetic clasps attached to the back, or safety pin clasps. For easy of use, the magnetic clasps provide a firm grip to keep the ID badge in place without sticking clothing or skin.

Another advantage is that without the use of a lanyard, these badges provide a safer solution for kitchen personnel, housekeeping personnel, or any other use where work activity could make a lanyard around the neck less desirable. Even if a lanyard is selected to for the badge to be attached to, break-away lanyards provide a safe alternative in the case the lanyard is caught or twisted suddenly. Regardless, the lack of a lanyard hanging down may allow more freedom of movement in an occupation while providing the safest solution for identification badges.

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