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Custom Non Woven Tote Bags

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Non-woven tote bags are most often made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the same material used in plastic drink bottles, which means most non-woven tote bag fabric have been recycled from a previous product such as drink bottles. This material recycling loop can provide infinite number of uses for PET, which saves energy and virgin material extraction. Imprint on PET non-woven bags is screen printing thanks to the fairly smooth texture, yet absorbent nature of the fabric. Some non-woven totes may also be laminated with a glossy coating that provides a barrier against leakage and a visually stunning, high-impact branding affect. Some models offer seam-to-seam digital printing with the laminated coating for a very colorful branding effect, while others offer standard screen-printing. Choose a style and size from the hundreds of options available that best compliments your imprint design and overall look.