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Custom Printed Pens: The #1 Promotional Product

Why are pens the top-selling promotional product in the United States?

Calypso Pen
Calypso Pen
For less than $3 each, attractive, reliable writing pens can be custom printed with your organization’s logo, website, slogan, or even the services your organization offers. In fact, some promotional pens are priced as low as 10 cents at higher quantities! Pens provide an amazing value to promote your business, especially a non-profit organization, as they are used on average more than 18 times per month.

When choosing a pen, its quality should be taken into account so when your organization’s name is printed on the barrel of a writing pen, it represents a perfect reputation – quality, prestige, and purpose. The pen you choose for a promotion should write for at least 1.2 miles, or 2 kilometers. A high quality pen will write anywhere from 1.6 to 2.2 miles, or 2.5 to 3.5 kilometers! That gives your logo much longer time in front of your prospect and customers, which helps keep your brand first in their minds when they need the products or services your company offers! Choosing a quality writing instrument for promotion also speaks of the quality of your company’s work. When a cheaply made pen is given, the recipient may appreciate the gesture at first, but then be annoyed if the writing instrument breaks or runs out of ink soon after they begin using it. To avoid disappointing your customers and prospects with poor quality pens, choose only the best pen brands available on the market. Keystone Specialties carries many brands of custom logo pens, including most notable brands such as Bic Pens, Quill Pens, and Cross Pens.

Antibacterial Pen with SleevePromotional pens can also provide function beyond the basics of writing. Design themes specific to sports, healthcare, spirituality, dental care, leadership, environmental conservation, and many other subjects can be found in the wide selection of writing pens available. This could help your business promote awareness of a problem and a solution your business provides, such as a tooth-shaped pen for a new dentist office, a heart-shaped pen for a blood drive, or a train engine themed pen for a railroad museum. A design-themed pen should relate to the purpose of your organization, or simply coordinate with your organization’s logo to provide stronger brand identity with your organization each time the pen is seen.

To help build brand recognition, a pen can be used as a direct mail piece to prospects within your target market! The themed pens could relate to your organization’s services, and be attached to postcards for a mailing house to send out to each prospect on your target list. Keystone Specialties can source the best promotional pen for this purpose, and fulfillment services can be provided if needed for direct mail campaigns. From bubble packaging holding the pens securely in place, to using mailing sleeves, the options to mail pens for a direct marketing piece to a mailing list are plentiful.

For retailers such as museum gift shops, bookstores, university campus shops, and tourist stops, custom pens for retailing are an easy impulse sale at the cash register area. From collector quality pens made of rosewood or marble, to etched metal pens, your retail store can carry the most attractive pens that feel great in the hand, and look even better to the customer’s eye. Choose pens by material, price range, or theme to grow your retail store’s sales revenue.

Find your best Custom Printed Pens from the options below, or use your own keyword search to find your best pen option:

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*ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) 2010 Promotional Product Study